Filming #3

More filming. This time I had to look for possible locations around the town centre. However, as I cycled I found some nice spots near the ship canal area. I was aware of the flat, overgrown lands, but was not sure how to use them for my benefit.
     I chose a semi cloudy day in order to match the weather from the first filming. As I was moving from the town centre locations to more desolate places, the sky gradually cleared into a lovely sunset. I was a bit concerned about this transition, but we have to keep in mind, that our hero had a long journey ahead, before he got there. So in the end it is quiet reasonable I think.I have also looked out for buildings which I could possibly use for projection mapping. The problem was, that most of the areas/buildings had a lot of obstacles and would require complex modeling or great deal of clean ups. Now I have a library of footage and photographs I can choose from. But the main challenge remains the same, since I don’t have a clear story or idea in my mind. This fact makes it very difficult to plan and to shoot.

Central Library, Manchester


Sunset near the docks


Building site


City scape