Filming some greenscreen scenes

Green screen shot 1

    Another day of filming. Originally I meant to film outdoors but it’s a bright day, clear sky and really windy. Despite avoiding green screen shots I decided to do at least few and play safe in case I would not manage the exterior shots. As time goes by and I am closer to the deadlines I usually have come to make changes and strip some ideas down. Unfortunately the less favorite parts of the process are still crucial to make the areas of my strength and interest work. In this case it was filming. I shot mainly locked-off, using only the studio house lights and slightly higher ISO than I would usually use, I believed, that the Canon 5D MarkII would get the job done. I focused manually using the digital zoom on the LCD screen. I wanted to shoot higher shutter speeds, but that would have sacrifice the light. Not mentioning the already wide f4 apperture.
     I did about 20 short takes with Nowell which went pretty smooth and the acting required wasn’t very difficult. After I reviewed the shots on a computer, it turned out, that the focus wasn’t right on most of the shots. At this stage, I am still hoping to be able to get some okey results after taking the shots to NUKE. I am afraid, that in this case, compromising quality for time did not pay off and I might need to film again. On the other hand, there is a chance to improve my filming skills/ push an imperfect footage to it’s maximum. Nevertheless, I still feel challenged.

Green screen shot 2