Pyramid advanced texturing

PBR mat in Substance Painter
    The third shot is a bit more complex one. I looked into my folder with footage and photographs and brainstormed, since I my vision about the final product is still not clear. I found a photograph which resonated with me and I started playing with it. In this shot, the hero is getting closer to the city and the pyramid. For this closer look, I worked more on the texturing of this floating structure. I spent a lot of time experimenting. I tried Quixel, Substance Painter and also Keyshot but I ended up with Mari. I combined some procedural textures  with the AO and displacement from the original textures. I also wanted to make the symbols more visible, since I lost a lot of definition in the first shot.
Mari 1k textures
Mari UI

 Back to Maya’s Arnold. Mixing the bump with the normal map:

Normal map
Normal and Bump
Details baked into the diffuse
Normals and color