VFX Shot 3

     I created the matte painting in Photoshop, where I changed the foreground a bit. I liked the original photo with the rock, but it didn’t work well once projected. Also painted out some trees and buildings. Then I separated different elements, like the road, two sides, the sky and the buildings.

Before and After

I brought it to Maya and I roughly modelled the road and sculpted few bumps for the bushes. The terrain wasn’t too great for projection mapping, but I think it worked for a zoom camera movement.

Maya projection mapping

 After few unsuccessful attempts of exporting my camera and geometry to Nuke I finally figured out that I have to export in an older .fbx format in order to get my files working. I projected the matte painting on the geo and composited the cutouts in the 3D space. The cutouts of the bushes in the background were very useful to support the bumpy projection.
     Once the matte painting was set up, I brought in the CG element for which I rendered only specular, diffuse and emissive followed by the keyed plate with the actor and and as last, I painted in some clouds over pyramid. I could have comped them in 3D space, but I thought, when the animated camera moves forward, the clouds stay stationary, which creates a fake movement.

Shot 3 nodes